Sunday, 23 September 2012

I miss being on a bike-trip.

Two weeks ago, Sunday 9th September, i cycled into Istanbul.
6 weeks exactly, and 4183km.
Now i'm back in London, getting my head around being a student - staying in one place - again. I miss cycling, camping, everything!
As you can see from the map, my route ended up being quite different than originally planned! People i met, things i heard about on the way, and sometimes just taking a wrong turn or spur of the moment decisions, meant that i made it up as i went.
I can't decide what place i liked best, but i would definitely like to go back to Ukraine again, and also cycle in Serbia and Macedonia and through the centre of Bulgaria, since i didn't make it there this time.
I met some amazing people, saw lots of birds,  interesting places and beautiful nature, and ate a huge amount of food. I (obviously) cycled alot - on every type of road, track, and path i can think of. Up and down small mountains and big hills, over the too-flat Great Hungarian Plain, through forests and villages and towns and cities. I swam in rivers, streams and the Black Sea. I slept in my tent, a cave, a monastery, a vegetable truck, hostels and one Romanian hotel. I got 9 punctures, but otherwise Faggin didn't have any problems - thanks again to the Vintage Bike Cave!
And now i can't wait for the next trip! I just have to finish my masters first.
If anyone has any questions about gear or anything, just ask!