Tuesday, 14 August 2012


 Heading to Ukraine was definitely a good decision!
I'm in Uzghorod now, going to Slovakia today, and i'm a bit sad to leave - i'll have to come back another time. The roads are pretty terrible, and my shoes got stolen in the mountains, but other than that it's been only good!
I was very lucky to meet a Ukrainian cyclist at the border, who was heading to Lvov, so i went with him. We didn't speak the same language but managed to communicate pretty well anyways. His friends in Lvov were vegetable sellers, so we all slept in their van, among melons and tomatoes and chillies. They were all brilliant. (I mean the people, but the fruit was too!)
 I've been out 2 weeks now, and have 4 weeks left till i need to be in Istanbul. I've done 1600km so far, so soon about halfway i guess, depending on the way i go. The plan now - though it keeps changing all the time! - is to go into Slovakia, then Hungary, then Romania, then Serbia, then Bulgaria, then Turkey.
I've seen alot of storks! They're amazing.

This is the man who fixed my camera in Kielce!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I'm in Kielce now!
The first 803km have been great, i really like Poland!
In Gdynia i slept in a youth hostel, where i met a Polish cyclist who was heading south, so i joined him for the first couple of days. First day to Tlen, then to Ciechocinek, then to Lodz, and yesterday to Kielce.
I'm staying here for a couple of days to sort some things out (broken camera, tired neck etc), and then onwards.
Maps and photos will hopefully follow later on...