Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 1:

I left Kolvarp just after 8 this morning. Without my luggage!  My mum came to the rescue, driving around solving my phone-charging problem: we can't get the dynamo charger to work, so she's bought 2 little solar-powered chargers (from Clas Olson), so now i'm sorted. Then she drove down to Karlskrona and was waiting with coffee and food when i finally arrived.

It was longer than i thought - ended up cycling 174km. But it was a good ride! I used the GPS map thing on the phone which directed me along all sorts of little roads i would never have found otherwise.

Now we're sitting in the tent, to keep away from the midges (i'm using my mum's laptop). As you can see from the photos we're camping right next to the ferry! So tomorrow morning will be an easy ride.

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