Wednesday, 9 May 2012

clouds & roots

I've been making clouds with roots. Some have exploded, some have cracked, i've been learning things... i still haven't made a good one, but i'll keep trying.

The roots in the last two pictures are lamp-worked glass, which was really fun to do. Today the sun was shining on them, for the first time in a while.


trailmix said...

O, vad spännande!! Jag kan inte vänta tills jag får se dom! LYCKA TILL!

Charlotta said...

Jättefint! Gillar! Det är svårt med moln, ja, men man kan inte låta bli att göra dem...:)

Louise Olsson said...

heja heja! supert! fan cluben på kusttorget GILLAR!

Cat said...

Oh, vilka snygga!!!!
Gillar dom massor!