Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Friends and former schoolmates from Pakistan have started an appeal for Pakistan called 1toAnother - they are raising funds, and will travel to Pakistan the first week of October for three weeks, to oversee the distribution.

And here is a blog about the situation, On the Ground

Please don't forget Pakistan.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Naturhistoriska museet

going to the Natural History museum always feels a little bit like walking around in a morgue.
i imagined that if i was a filmmaker or animator i would make a film about all of the birds (and other animals and insects too, but i was mostly thinking about the birds) suddenly came to life and there was lots of noise and breaking glass and beating wings and movement as they all broke out of the glass cases and escaped from the museum. but i'm not, so i just made a few pencil drawings. it's so much easier, when they're all still and you can get so close...


a little bike accident a couple of weeks ago has meant that i've not been able to do much work lately.
but i have been able to walk around in the forest. it's a good time to walk around in the forest - mushrooms and berries and colour and silence.
i also saw a couple of snakes, that were lying very still but still alive. and another time a little red squirrel chattered at me and jumped around in the trees. and birds, couldn't tell what kinds. i never see any moose or deer or hares though, i guess i'm too noisy.

i also just visited my grandmothers. they're brilliant and amazing.

on one grandma's embroidered wall-hanging it says "Love makes hands diligent".

Friday, 3 September 2010

Föreläsning på Sintra

"Svensk-pakistansk keramiker bland Afghanska krukmakare"
16 september kl19
Landsvägsgatan 5,
413 04Göteborg

Kostnad 30 kr, som oavkortat går till hjälparbete i Pakistan

Anmälan görs per telefon till Sintra på telefonnummer 031 - 775 01 20

Ester Svensson är keramiker, verksam i Göteborg sedan våren 2009. Med föräldrar från Småland, är hon uppvuxen i Pakistan. Hon kommer att berätta om när hon jobbade med krukmakare i Afghanistan, om inspirations-källor, och hur hennes bakgrund påverkar hennes arbeten och bildspråk.