Sunday, 20 June 2010


We stayed with my dad's cousin and her family who live near Motala, they were amazing and deserve medals! they drove us & our bikes all over the place, cooked us food, let us sleep in their trailer, shower, and make a general mess with all of our stuff. Tusen tack!!! And my aunt drove us all the way back to Göteborg last night, which was brilliant. Tusen tack du också!
We left Motala on Friday night, 23.28. It was a bit chilly, but no rain - that started after the first depo in Hästholmen.
Unfortunately, the most experienced cyclist of our little group had to stop in Jönköping cause of back-neck-shoulder and knee pain, which was a real shame.
To Jönköping went pretty quickly, we rolled in to the depo after around 4.5hours, with a beautiful sunrise! I had enough energy till around Hjo, but it was cold and rainy and the stretch between Hjo and Boviken was tiring. After that the sun came out, i got more inspired again, and even though my legs & knees & hands & shoulders were by that stage not at their best, it felt easier again.
There are some things i learned for next time: 1)Train more before! We hadn't put in enough miles of cycling. 2)Eat more! Even though i had food with me, as well as what vegan things were on offer at the depos, i didn't really feel like eating, which probably contributed to getting so very tired. 3) NEVER cycle in shorts! It was so cold... brr! 4)I need to work on my posture and sitting position - for my shoulders and hands, mostly; my little finger on the left is still numb.
I got back to Motala at 13.24, i.e. 13hours and 56mins after starting out, basically 14h.
Next time, i'll be faster.

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A great pic of father and daughter cyclists, but Bengt looks a little tired.