Monday, 21 December 2009

a couple of old poems

i found these as i was looking through bits and pieces of paper, from when i was at the art school in Glasgow and did an elective with Donny O'Rourke. i can't say that they are very good, and i'm not exactly sure whether it's a good idea to post them here, but it was fun to find them, so here area couple of them, about cycling, both kindof the same...

birdsong wheelsong cobblestones
highlight halflight both shine
i cycle past my destination

with hair and rain
in face and eyes
in halflight halfdark
i cannot see
the birdwings
strangely stream-
lined bodies hover
and glide and fly
fish in water through
oceans of airsky

A freedom
My bicycle makes up for
wingless shoulder-
blades tonight. Birds
swim and float with
moonlight and clouds
Through the ocean
of air above

this carfree road
and silent buildings.

faster forwards
pedalling legs
while wind
empties my head


Unless i turn back
i will never arrive
i do not know
where am i going?

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