Saturday, 12 December 2009


my dad says some wise things. for example, the only things that are certain in life, are that that we must die, and we must choose.
this weekends choice was either to go to Copenhagen and demonstrate at the UN Climate Change Conference, or to stay here in Göteborg.
i ended up staying here -my parents have come to visit for the weekend, we went to a Regina Spektor gig, made a gingerbread house and tomorrow the ceramics-studio i'm part of is having an open-day-christmas-sale.
i think quite alot about what's happening already, and what is going to happen in the near/far future with our climate, environment, world -and everyone living here. a little while ago i read a book called Det är vår bestämda uppfattning att om ingenting görs nu kommer det att vara för sent by Andreas Malm (kindof literally translated to It is our definite understanding that if nothing is done now it will be too late). it's really quite amazing that we still carry on as we do. i sometimes wish i was a scientist so i could understand it all better, but the notion that we (humans) have nothing to do with all the environmental problems at hand seems ludicrous to me...
the questions are so big and huge - we need a whole new economic system! all over the world! the way we live and do things needs to change! and since they're so big, it's easy to feel defeated and disheartened and despondent and discouraged (and all those d-words). it's hard to know what to do everyday.
but i guess that's the thing... that there's always millions of small small choices that we all have to make everyday, and all of them together become something big and huge.
(ps, jag rekommenderar boken, jag lärde mej mycket.)

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