Friday, 20 November 2009


i've joined a bike club here in Gbg, the one my brother is in - Komet Club Rouleur. their motto is: De såg ut som gudar men levde som svin. (They looked like gods, but lived like swine.)

last weekend they organised a bike film festival, and there was even a Roller Race. i didn't participate, cuase i had a big cold/flu, but here are a couple of films from the finals!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

yes, already: Christmas sales begin

the Christmas exhibition at Sintra starts on Saturday already, so i've submitted some things for it as well. as you can see, i've gotten really quite commercial and have made christmas-tree decorations! what next...?

and now it's dark and cold already...

i feel like it's a very long time since i last wrote... since then, some things have happened.
the biggest thing is that my grandad died. he was 90 years old, and had a long and happy life. he passed away in my grandma's arms.
the funeral was lovely, over 200 people came, and i got all sorts of reminders about what is actually important in life... we miss him.
i've moved into a flat with my two lovely sisters, close to both my studio and work. so my legs are not getting as much cycling, but it saves alot of time! and it's great living here. please come visit.
also, before i left the States, i got a little tattoo. it's from a drawing by Ardeshir Mohasses, an Iranian artist/cartoonist. when my grandma saw it, she paused for a while and then said "... well, it's the inside that counts." but i really like it.