Thursday, 21 May 2009


(some of the things in the kiln, before they're glazed)
right now, while i'm sitting here, a kiln with my little bowls and dishes in it is getting hotter and hotter, firing until it gets to 1160 degrees Celsius, melting the glazes and hardening the earthenware clay... tomorrow i'll be able to open it up and who knows what i'll find!?! i guess it's a sure sign of still being a beginner, but every time i fire a kiln i feel childishly impatient at seeing the results.
while i'm waiting, i can also write about what my dad did last weekend: at his honourable age, he ran the 21km long Göteborgs Varvet. i was, once again, impressed. a couple of months ago, he did Vasaloppet, which (for those of you who are not Swedish) is a 90km long ski race. he's quite energetic, much more than me! but i am dreaming and scheming about one thing: there's a bike-race that goes around the biggest lake in Sweden, Vättern Runt, which i'd love to do sometime before i die... why not next year? why not on a fixie?
anyways: all we did on Saturday was watch and cheer, but that was fun too. here's a picture. i didn't manage to get anything of my dad actually running, cuase he was too fast.

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Maria Ådahl said...

The ceramics look amazing! How did they come out?