Sunday, 31 May 2009


it's great to be on a little trip again!
i left my parents house on thursday, took a bus to Amsterdam where i met up with a really great friend. we talked and talked, and then took another overnight bus to London -miraculously it arrived on time! so we were both able to catch our connections, and i got to Edinburgh on time, where i was met by my boyfriend who i haven't seen for ages. we had a picnic in the Meadows, which was full of people. Edinburgh strangely seems to not ever change, every time i come here there's the same atmosphere... i'll be popping over to Glasgow as well, of course.

buses are a good way to travel. not always comfortable, convenient or on time, but you almost always meet some interesting people, and it feels rights somehow that the travelling should be felt. in bums and knees and no sleep.

anyways. i'll write more another time. it's good to be back here again, and i look forward to seeing everyone.

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