Thursday, 21 May 2009


my friend has been putting up pictures and biographies of her lovely potplants on her blog, and suggested that others do the same. so here we go, here are some photos of the plants that live in my studio.
(i also copied her way of putting up the pictures, there's a program i didn't even know about which is brilliant, that converts your little digital photographs to look like they're polaroids! it even makes a little sound and you can watch it "develop". fun fun)
my brother and his girlfriend let me borrow this lovely plant whose name i do not know when i first moved in to the studio this winter. on the way there, a little branch broke off, and now it lives in its own little pot next to it. in the picture you can also see a sheep from Istalif, Afghanistan, which was a gift from one of the potters there. and a beautiful blue glass fish from Palestine, which was a gift from two friends who had a wedding party in Damascus last Autumn. (first it was hanging in the window, but it fell down and broke a fin, so now it's happier on the ground). there's also an avocado seed from an avocado that i ate ages and ages ago, it's not growing at all, but it's not doing any harm there either so it's still there.
this geranium is rescued from a huge shopping centre (i did pay for it, but not very much at all). it looks much happier now that it lives in my window instead. i wonder what colour it will be?
this geranium has really really beautiful flowers, dark purple-red with pink-white around the edges and middle. i bought it when i had just moved in to the studio, even before i got the kickwheel or anything there. first things first.
my generous aunt gave me this morning glory. it was only small then, now it's shooting off long tendrils. but no flowers yet. look forward to them! i think it needs a bigger pot.
and this was a gift from my aunt's friend, an aloe vera plant! always a very useful thing to have around. i remember my gran breaking off a piece of aloe vera once when i had burned myself, telling me that the juice of it would help, and it did.

i'm sure the plant family will keep getting bigger, then i can add more pictures.

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Maria Ådahl said...

Kul att du ville haka på! Visst är poladroid bra!