Sunday, 19 April 2009


today i was at work all day (the shifts are 12 1/2 hours, so not much time for anything else), but yesterday i had a really nice day.
i did some glaze tests in the studio, and also met up with my aunt and her friend. as you can see, the little beans and peas have started to shoot up very enthusiastically out of their little pots! after coffee/tea and chocolate biscuits and hotcrossbuns that my mum made, we went to a little exhibition opening by a silversmith, Gun-Marie Bengtsson and painter which was nice, and then to the Göteborg Konstmuseum to see an exhibition i've been wanting to see for ages, and it was amazing! i felt so inspired afterwards, and somehow hopeful. it's called Annan Konst, or Other Art, you can see it here if you follow the links. it's a collection of a wide variety of work by self-taught artists from Finland, Sweden and Norway. i even bought the catalogue (and 2 back issues of Cabinet magazine that were halfprice, nice one).
Peltonen, utan titel. Foto: Veli Granö
Veijo Rönkkönen, Joogatarha. Foto: Veli Granö
if you're in Göteborg, it's open till may 31st -go see it!
there was also a really good exhibition of photographs by Elin Berge with music by Frida Hyvönen, Drottninglandet, about women who have moved from Thailand to Sweden to live with a Swedish man. well worth a visit.

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