Monday, 2 March 2009

new studio

here is my little (or not so little actually) space in the new studio i've moved into/joined. it's looking a bit empty now, but in time there will be also a kickwheel and big table and more chairs etc (Inshallah, of course). the studio is in a lovely brick building (close to the water and Röda Sten), it used to be a sugar-factory. i especially like the windows, and the high ceiling. there are 9 others sharing the studio, (one textile artist and the rest ceramists), a great group of people. so i'm very happy to be able to move in here.

this is the kiln room. there's going to be one more kiln moving in to join the other two.

and this is going to be the glazing area and materials store -there's two spray booths and a good big sink. and even some lovely scales. brilliant.

and of course the kitchen! i'd like you to note especially the exquisite clock, hanging on the pillar. we polished it a bit today, so that the lovely shine of the gold-coloured plastic looks its' absolute best.

there's still quite alot to sort out, but it's getting there! i'll put up more pictures when it's all pukka and sorted.


trailmix said...

grattis, mubarak ho, tabrik, congratulations o allt vad det heter! Vi gläds med dej!!! =)

Reetta said...

looking good!

Anonymous said...

Hääärliga utrymme.....hoppas att luften är full av inspiration och ideer...Mä apki terref bahout shush hon´ng