Saturday, 7 March 2009

clay, coffe and a few minutes with a chainsaw

i went home to my parents for a couple of days, which was like going on holiday (i.e. very good).
first i spent a couple of hours in the library in Värnamo, it's always nice to have an excuse to sit and look at books.

the best thing is that we finally got the kickwheel together, and it works really well! so the outhouse became a ceramics studio.
my mum also did some throwing today, and it turns out she's a natural talent, as you can see from the photo below:

my dad was dong some tree-cutting in the forest, so i got to have a little go with the chain-saw. i think i'll have to go and get a license. not that i want to chop down lots of trees, but it's a pretty good skill to have i'm sure.
we also drank coffee, my mum made fastlagsbullar (vegan ones! for those of you who are not Swedish, they're these sweet, white rolls that are stuffed full of marzipan and topped with whipped cream) that we sat on a log and ate. i should go home more often!

we also looked at pictures with relatives, and a film, and went to a little charity shop and i found spoons and other good things. so, a good weekend. tack, mamopap!

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