Sunday, 22 February 2009


this weekend my parents graced us with their presence. there was alot of coffeedrinking. my mum has just been to Oxford to visit Anna, who recently had a birthday (belated congratulations are in order), and my dad was working on statistics with Marcus. they also helped transport a big shelf to the studio, (they've been helping me alot lately) and Marcus and Nadja helped me get a lovely little table (from one of N's friends) and we took that there too. on Friday it's all supposed to be ready in the studio, and it's the big Kiln-Moving-Day. (i'll put up some pictures from there soon). anyways, it's very exciting that the studio will soon be ready to use, i can't wait to make things again, and get loads of clay and quartz under my fingernails.
before heading off to work there was also a small party/jam session (you can see documentation below).

and while i was at work, it snowed and snowed and snowed! i wish i'd had my camera with me, it was beautiful and that special snow-silence... i had to walk, cuase i kept falling off my old bike when i tried cycling, so it took me about 70mins to get home. but thanks to my new shoes my toes weren't cold at all, even though i wasn't even wearing woolly socks! so i'd like to recommend these nice vegan shoes (even though they do look a bit old-man-ish. but maybe that's not a bad thing).
(earth shoes)

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