Saturday, 7 February 2009

Naturhistoriska Museet

Today we went to visit the Museum of Natural History, it´s a brilliant place (even though sometimes it does feel a bit strange walking around among so many stuffed staring animals, but they are so beautiful and it´s great being able to see them so close up).
As usual, we didn´t even see half of it, cause there´s so much!
(There´s a very good system here in Göteborg that you can go to 5 different museums for a whole year if you buy a little card, that only costs 40kr. So i intend to make the most of it.)
Also, you can buy second hand books very cheaply there in this museum - i didn´t know that before. We met the man who runs it, he was very friendly, he just organises the whole thing cause he loves books. He saves them from being thrown out from various places, and then sells them there at the museum. I found a childrensbook that i had read when i was small with beautiful illustrations (Långt Bort i Blåa Skogen, Norrlid/Nygren), and a book of stories from Småland (written in dialekt) that i´ll send to my grandad.

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