Thursday, 12 February 2009

(free) gig and (vegan) hotdogs

yesterday was a good day. i sat in the library for ages, looking at books. even found some little books of dari poetry that i tried my best to understand (will need to consult a dictionary). also, Kafka in english (The Castle), a lovely book on Traditional Textiles of Central Asia, various ceramics books which were inspiring (i´m getting impatient now to do some ceramics myself soon!) and a book on Samer folk art (see below).
(this one is amazingly similar to Nuristani carving from Afghanistan...)

then we went to a really good gig at Konsthallen, which was free! Josephine Foster and Victor Herrero played among beautiful photographs and people sitting on fold-up chairs.
then we ate vegan sausages with vegan mashed potatoes from Jonsborg´s Grillen on Avenyn, (by the way, it´s 2for1 between 6pm-8pm).

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