Monday, 23 February 2009

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Waltz With Bashir

today i got let off work early, and went to see a film, Waltz With Bashir.


this weekend my parents graced us with their presence. there was alot of coffeedrinking. my mum has just been to Oxford to visit Anna, who recently had a birthday (belated congratulations are in order), and my dad was working on statistics with Marcus. they also helped transport a big shelf to the studio, (they've been helping me alot lately) and Marcus and Nadja helped me get a lovely little table (from one of N's friends) and we took that there too. on Friday it's all supposed to be ready in the studio, and it's the big Kiln-Moving-Day. (i'll put up some pictures from there soon). anyways, it's very exciting that the studio will soon be ready to use, i can't wait to make things again, and get loads of clay and quartz under my fingernails.
before heading off to work there was also a small party/jam session (you can see documentation below).

and while i was at work, it snowed and snowed and snowed! i wish i'd had my camera with me, it was beautiful and that special snow-silence... i had to walk, cuase i kept falling off my old bike when i tried cycling, so it took me about 70mins to get home. but thanks to my new shoes my toes weren't cold at all, even though i wasn't even wearing woolly socks! so i'd like to recommend these nice vegan shoes (even though they do look a bit old-man-ish. but maybe that's not a bad thing).
(earth shoes)

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

(free) gig and (vegan) hotdogs

yesterday was a good day. i sat in the library for ages, looking at books. even found some little books of dari poetry that i tried my best to understand (will need to consult a dictionary). also, Kafka in english (The Castle), a lovely book on Traditional Textiles of Central Asia, various ceramics books which were inspiring (i´m getting impatient now to do some ceramics myself soon!) and a book on Samer folk art (see below).
(this one is amazingly similar to Nuristani carving from Afghanistan...)

then we went to a really good gig at Konsthallen, which was free! Josephine Foster and Victor Herrero played among beautiful photographs and people sitting on fold-up chairs.
then we ate vegan sausages with vegan mashed potatoes from Jonsborg´s Grillen on Avenyn, (by the way, it´s 2for1 between 6pm-8pm).

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tesoros Medievales

Last summer, in Barcelona, i bought a book from Del Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya. There's some really amazing images and drawings. I was getting some inspiration from it yesterday.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Naturhistoriska Museet

Today we went to visit the Museum of Natural History, it´s a brilliant place (even though sometimes it does feel a bit strange walking around among so many stuffed staring animals, but they are so beautiful and it´s great being able to see them so close up).
As usual, we didn´t even see half of it, cause there´s so much!
(There´s a very good system here in Göteborg that you can go to 5 different museums for a whole year if you buy a little card, that only costs 40kr. So i intend to make the most of it.)
Also, you can buy second hand books very cheaply there in this museum - i didn´t know that before. We met the man who runs it, he was very friendly, he just organises the whole thing cause he loves books. He saves them from being thrown out from various places, and then sells them there at the museum. I found a childrensbook that i had read when i was small with beautiful illustrations (Långt Bort i Blåa Skogen, Norrlid/Nygren), and a book of stories from Småland (written in dialekt) that i´ll send to my grandad.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


i went to my parents´this weekend, which felt like going on holiday. coffee, knitting, trees, a little bit of snow, lots of stars outside the window at night, long phone calls to Andy, and even a massage. i saw my grandparents as well which is always great. we played scrabble.
the hotpads in the first picture (with Gnista the cat) are made by my mum, you can buy them from here.

Monday, 2 February 2009


and now i´m in Göteborg.
i´ve moved in with my brother, his girlfriend, her little girl, and the black and white cat Aska.
i got a part-time job, and i also just found a studio, that i´ll be starting in towards the end of this month. it´s a ceramics studio, shared with 8 others who seem really great, so that was lucky. more about that later, no doubt... i´ll also be doing some pottering in my dad´s outhouse. my aunt gave me a kick-wheel a while ago which i am trying to paint, but since it is so cold i have only managed one coat so far (it doesn´t want to dry enough for a second coat).

here is a picture of the bike that is taking me around G. my gran found it by the side of the road in their little village, where it had been lying abandoned for at least half a year. she phoned the police, and after another half a year went by and no-one had claimed it, it was hers to keep. since she doesn´t cycle much anymore, she let me borrow it. it needed some new spokes on the back-wheel, but otherwise it´s not bad. but i must admit, i do miss my other bikes...