Thursday, 18 December 2008


we flew from kabul to istanbul (we almost didn't make the flight! due to increased "security" measures at the kabul airport which involved all sorts of things -but strangely enough barthy's bag didn't get searched till after check-in - and then we were told that there were no more seats and then the flight was delayed; needless to say we were very relieved and happy to arrive in istanbul). we had a brilliant time there with good friends, (thanks alot again, if you happen to see this), it was amazing to be free to walk around, look at beautiful things, and do little things like play yatzy next to the ocean (which olly and barthy had a quick swin in! the tea-seller we'd been buying endless cups from gave us a free round after he saw that). i really liked istanbul, and would love to go back with more time.
then we got a night train to sofia. (scroll down for a little film). here are a few pictures...

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