Wednesday, 3 December 2008

goodbye, again

somehow, my time here in Afghanistan is almost finished already - i'm leaving on friday morning. together with 2 friends, we're flying to Istanbul, and then take trains from there all the way to the UK. very exciting!
but i'm leaving with pretty mixed feelings.
i don't know whether i'll be back next year or not. inshallah, as they say...
for those of you who are in Scotland, i'll be there for a few days in mid-December, not quite sure when, but before the 18th - that's when i fly to Goteborg in Sweden for a wee while over christmas to see family, before going to Austin, Texas before new year. so it's a few action-packed weeks ahead.
the train trip will hopefully let me think through these last few months. it's not been the easiest time. but also good. i forget sometimes how lucky i am to be here, have been here.
life is a strange thing.

i'll try and get my camera sorted in Istanbul and post some pictures when i'm back online in Europe. Till then, Eid Mubarak!


Maria Ådahl said...
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Maria Ådahl said...

Om du får tid över i Götet vore det roligt att se dig. Får man bjuda på lite glögg kanske?