Friday, 19 December 2008

brussels, oostend, calais & dover

we took the train to oostend from brussels, but when we arrived found out that you can no longer go as a footpassenger on the ferries from there. after much humming&hawing, we went to calais, (which was so horrible that we even took a taxi to the ferry terminal) and then got on a ferry to dover.

and then finally, bus to london where i continued on (night-bus...) to glasgow.
it was a really brilliant trip. if anyone wants any info on anything (e.g. how much it cost or where to find the best falafel in budapest feel free to get in touch).

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Reetta said...

estrid is there a country you haven't been to? your trip looks amazing. i wish i had the courage to be a free spirit like you. have a lovely time in the u s of a.x