Monday, 17 November 2008

camera-less in a place full of things i want to take pictures of!

on my way back from syria a few weeks ago, my bag disappeared (never arrived in Dubai, it must be somewhere in the world). in the bag was my battery-charger! and the lead to connect it to the computer! alas. so i haven't taken a single picture since then (i haven't been able to buy another charger here in Kabul), which is annoying, because every day i see a million things i'd like to record on picture - my memory is not so good, and photos help me remember my life, as well as being able to show other people who haven't been little peices of here.
so, i'd like you to imagine mulberry trees glowing bright yellow in the clear autumn light. tiles glazed beautiful turquoise. children i have the pleasure to meet once in a while. potters. pahlawan the dog chasing peacocks in the garden. trees full of sparrows, and like in the poem, sky.


Reetta said...

maybe having no camera will make you be able to focus on now, on what you see, feel, smell and hear...maybe it will make you less anxious...that you don´t have to capture all those beautiful things in order to remember them. x

Unknown said...

sorry about your charger :(
your description reminds me of ink polaroids :)