Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dr. Abdul Samay Hamed

the following poems are a few examples from a really really good little collection of poems by Dr. Abdul Samay Hamed called Fragrant Names that my sister lent me:

Autumn arrived
The umbrella of leaves frayed
But the tree became full of sky

In my motherland
In my motherland
Cloud is a mass grave of rains

In my motherland
Mountain is the gravestone of earth

In my motherland
Freedom is a girl with ringlets of fire

Under my wounded tongue
Thousands of beautiful wasps are imprisoned
Let me sing my burning silence

For man and Forest
I cried for man and forest
Here, the gallows was itself a martyred tree

Spring is forbidden
Do not unveil the window
Spring is forbidden for it
Lest the scent of some mouth motivate the
breeze of some soul
into temptation of love
Do not breathe out of your cages!
Do not address your dream-house to anyone
Do not tell anyone, of what I have said to
your silence!

I wish I were two singing wings
I wish I was a kite over your house
I know there is no room left in the trees of
your house
I wish I was the dove on your electricity wires

Here, birds are cages of songs
O my heart, sing louder!

I'd like to write down pretty much all of them, but i'm sure that's breaking some kind of copyright law. But i wanted more people to be able to read his poems... so there are a few.
The book has been translated by A. H. Waheed Warasta, and published by Maiwand Publications.