Friday, 19 September 2008

clay expedition

3 hours bumpy dusty drive from Doshe (on the road to Mazar-e-Sharif) towards Bamiyan led us to Tala-wa-Barfak, where we had heard there is kaolin (china clay). The poor driver was not too excited, but it was extremely beautiful, and we found the clay! Here are a few photos...

Saturday, 6 September 2008

ROAR! exhibition

I'll have some work showing in London, as part of a little exhibition called Roar! at the The Gallery @ Oxo & Bargehouse, click here for more information.
BIG THANK YOU to for brilliant Wendy Kershaw at Glasgow School of Art who's organised all my stuff (since i'm in Afghanistan and unable to do it myself), and also to Jill Gerber at the Compass Gallery in Glasgow.

sore head & ramadan

last saturday night, i was on my way to the loo, and the next thing i knew i was sitting in a taxi with a very sore head and a friend's hand covered in (my) blood on our way to the ISAF hospital. it was in the middle of the night. i had fallen down some stairs and got bashed up in various places, but luckily it was only a concussion, and after spending the night in the tent-hospital listening to Czech with a drip in my arm and two little stitches in my head, i was collected by my sister Jenny and taken to her flat. she kept me there for a week and nursed me back to (almost) good health. i feel very lucky that i didn't break my neck or split my skull, that i have good friends and colleagues who took me to the hospital, and that Jen is here. but now i'm very tired of being unable to do things, and can't wait to be completely better again. the Dari word for patience is حوصله (hausela), i need to remember that one...
also, Ramadan has started. i had every intention of fasting this time, and had to take rather extreme measures to avoid it (the aforementioned stair-flight). and then now today i got my period, so it looks like the month of fasting will only be a couple of weeks for me.
i was trying to imagine how it would be if everyone in Sweden, or Scotland all collectively fasted for a month each year... i have to admire it, despite it's problems.