Saturday, 16 August 2008

a wedding

Thanks to the kindness of one of the potters, who drove me back and forth from Kabul out of the kindness of his heart, I went to a wedding on Saturday up in Istalif. The groom was the brother of one of the potters that i knew from last time i was here. I gave my camera to Abdul Matin, another potter, who took some great photos (of the men -it wouldn't be right for me to take photos of the women).
I was ushered past all of these men to the house, where all the women were sitting, standing, dancing (on every available centimeter of floor-roof-&-stair-space). Against my will, i was taken to the up-raised, pink-clad bench where a weeping bride sat with down-cast eyes. Fortunately, i was able to retreat to a corner, and then to the roof (even better!) where i was less visible. My rusty Dari, terrible performance on the zer-baghali (a ceramic drum held under the arm -which is where it gets it's name from), and adamant refusal to dance a single dance did not stop welcoming smiles from all directions.
There was even vegan food!
It was a really great chance to meet more of the women and girls of Istalif - last time, in the course of almost a whole year, i only met the women of 4 families! Today, as i walked down the hill in Istalif a little group of young girls called out "I saw you at the wedding!" Now at least i'm not a complete stranger... It's the women who do the decorating of the pottery in Istalif, and i really hope to spend some time with them.

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