Tuesday, 24 June 2008


i'm now in my last week of living in Scotland, (at least for now). i don't feel very happy about it, and boxes are remaining unpacked, even though we leave on Sunday... i'll miss the places, and mostly the people. but this is (my) life, and Glasgow will no doubt remain for a few more years, so i can always come back.
but i'm having that feeling, when i keep thinking to myself that i'll look back on this time and miss it and wish i could have it again.
i'm also now finished (finally! it's actually been 6 years since i started!) my BA (hons) degree. it feels strange to clear out my junk from the studio, not knowing when again i'll have a place to throw bowls and fire kilns. also, not being a student anymore will be a change, although a more welcome one. but again, it's the people i'll miss the most.

on the other hand, with endings come beginnings as well.


Unknown said...

Hi Ester,

Sorry I missed the gathering last night. Im in the process of moving among other things. I wanted you to have my email address: gracie409@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi again,
I forgot to say thanks for being my friend in ceramics, I enjoyed talking to you and seeing your work. Please do email me with YOUR email address (if you wish). I would like to keep track of you in the coming years.

Perhaps I will see you in September? I will probably be leaving myself @ Sept 21st?

Take care,
David Gracie

Christine McCrudden said...

Sorry we never met up the other week in Glasgow. Turned out we had to leave quite early on the Saturday morning to get the boat so I don't think a squeezed-in visit to the degree show was realistic. Wish I could have though. Congratulations on finishing and good luck with the move. Will you fit in a trip to Belfast any time soon?