Saturday, 7 June 2008

degree show images

Here are some images of my degree show work, for those of you who aren't in Glasgow.
It's made from predominantly fritware (or stone/quartzpaste), except for a few earthenware bowls and egyptian paste tears. I learned this fritware technique from a German ceramist, Prof. Jochen Brandt at the IKKG (Institut fur Kunstlerische Keramik und Glas) in Höhr-Grenzausen in Germany, who has done extensive research and achieved brilliant results.
My work this year has been influenced by the time i spent last year in Afghanistan, working for and organization called Turquoise Mountain, with a group of potters from the village of Istalif.

These bowls are a collaboration with Jila Peacock. I made the bowls, and Jila wrote the names of birds from the poem Conference of the Birds in lustre.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

These are wonderful!

Charlotte said...

Ester, your ceramics are beautiful. The way you have combined influences from the pottery in Afghanistan with your own unique style are an inspiration.

Greatest of Luck with your next plans.

Best wishes

Charlie Morris

Eireann said...

I love the one with the man cradling the bird in his arms. Really beautiful and graceful.

Are you selling these at all?

Anonymous said...

Do you know the poem because I can't remember it? It was such a beatiful degree show!

Anonymous said...

My email adress (if you do feel like sharing the poem) is

jimgottuso said...

beautiful bowls... curious about the fritware