Saturday, 29 December 2007

st louis & the city museum

we took the megabus (yes! they operate here as well as in the uk!) to st. louis, where we were going to a family gathering of andy's dad's side of the family. on the way it got a bit icy and slippery, and a car infront of us slid out of control so that we almost hit it! a lot of women in the front of the bus stuck their hands in the air loudly crying 'hallelujah, thank you Jesus!' i was happy we were all fine, and the rest of the journey was like most other megabus journeys. one of the passengers was a guy who had taught himself how to play irish tin whistle from youtube videos, so he played every time we stopped. (i mean both times we stopped).
once we arrived we were picked up by some good friends of andy's dad, pete, and they took us to grandma's house where we borrowed her car -complete with 'god bless america' and 'support our troops' stickers! then we drove on to the family get-together, arriving fashionably (2 hours) late. it was a bit overwhelming, as family reunions often are, but they were all very nice.
the next day, after a breakfast of potatoes, we went to the most amazing place ever; the city museum! if you ever have a chance, GO! we ran around like 10yearolds, it was so great.
early early the next morning we got the bus back to kansas city again.

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