Saturday, 1 December 2007

a new friend & christmas sales

here he is: i htink i'm going to call him Kulal (that means potter in Dari). kulal crow. i got him at the collins gallery, where my classmates and i also have a stall this weekend. when i saw him first thing this morning i thought a real hooded crow was sitting in my room!
(maybe he is real...)
as you can see, there are also ONLY FIFTEEN DAYS left till i see andy!

here are some of the things i'm trying to sell in the gallery. there are nine of us sharing a stall, so it's quite packed as you can imagine, but a good experience i think.
this weekend the ceramics department are having another christmas sale, at the art school, so hopefully between the two i'll manage to get rid of some things...

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Unknown said...

yay esk.. beautiful!1