Saturday, 29 December 2007

driving to kansas city

we rented a red car to drive up to kansas city, missouri, where andy's family is from, for christmas.
the driving was horrible, since neither of us drive very much, we spent most of the time feeling stressed out. the smaller roads were fine, but the interstates were horrible. but it was great to see everything along the way. we saw all sorts of places, for example oil city, (a little desolate town full of rusting oil equipment), through beautiful hills, lots of beautiful birds, all the various fast-food places that are the same everywhere, and too many other things to write about.
also: a good old friend! we stopped to visit one of my best friends from when i was in elementary school, and met her husband and cats, which was so great. we had a lot of good laughs; it's funny how, even with so many changes and so much time passed, we're still the same.

but next time we'll take the bus.

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