Sunday, 30 December 2007

benazir bhutto

we were out taking a walk in the snow with andy's dad and sammy the dog when we got a call from his mum, telling us that benazir bhutto had just been killed. my initial reaction was dread for what implications it would have to the already unstable situation in pakistan. my memories of the time when benazir bhutto was in power are not particularly good - it is no secret that she was extremely corrupt, and during her time the human rights record was worse than usual. it was admirable that she was a woman, in a country where womens' rights are not exactly top of the agenda. but this showed she was also ruthless -even her mother apparently believes she had 'arranged' for the death of her brother, when he wanted to lead the PPP. she also proved to be brave, continuing her campaign even after the attempted assassination soon after her arrival in karachi.
others have written much better, and more informed, about all this than i am able to, so i'll not waste your time. but it's important to remember, when most mainstream news is heralding her as some sort of answer to democracy that is now irreplaceably lost, that she was as much a part of the problem as part of the solution.
here are a couple of articles worth reading:
from the guardian:,,2233402,00.html,,2233334,00.html
and there are a couple of articles on

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