Wednesday, 3 October 2007

back at school

i'm back in school, hurray! i'm really enjoying having all this time just to do my own work again. it also feels crazy and amazing to have all these materials and kilns and equipment at my fingertips... with it comes a feeling that i should be producing amazing work with all these resources! i'm not, but hopefully in time...i've been reading about various mythological creatures. here is the Sirin, from Russian legends. men who hear her sing forget about everything on earth, follow her, and ultimately die.
here are my friends from uzbekistan and pakistan. they all can whistle and sing, apart from the fat-tailed sheep, whose only purpose is to look good.
my desk has already become this cluttered!
and this is my wonder-bike that gets me around everywhere.

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jen said...

esterjan, du är helt fantastisk! jag älskar dina kommentarer på bloggen, det lilla fåret som bara har till syfte att se bra ut :). o dina fantastiska kreationer...! dumma dig, hur är hur duktig som helst!! ...hoppas jag kan komma o hälsa på o se mer av alla dina konstvärk... o dig förstås :).