Wednesday, 15 August 2007


now i've been in this other world that coexists with pakistan and afghanistan (and also all the other places in the world i do not know) for a long time... just over 2 months! looking back i feel like i have no idea what i've been doing, and also like it's longer than it actually has been.

i went to pakistan breifly to visit my parents, which was lovely. i slept and thought alot, saw mountains and three-day-old-baby-goats, old friends, ate lots of mangos, was well-taken-care-of by mamopap.
the time was too short there; just as i was getting used to hearing urdu again, and a few words were surfacing from underneath the dari i'd been trying to learn, it was time to fly back to the u.k.

i arrived in time for the degree show of my old classmates and friends at the art schools. it was impressive and interesting, and felt a bit strange also, to imagine i would've been there. it felt pretty strange all around to be back... i spent the first couple of weeks basically in hiding, in the room i was staying in at morag's, with hector and ted the cats. then i got more used to it and saw more people and got back into the rhythm of life here...

i miss afghanistan and all the people i met and got to know there still alot. i hope i continue to miss it, i want to keep a hold of it somehow... lucky for me, i have some friends in edinburgh who are involved in various ways with afghanistan. we're organising a film festival for february, in the edinburgh filmhouse. its nice to have some links.

and then andy came, from the states. we'd been writing alot all year, and so got pretty close. we went cycling, and andy must have been so dazzled by my gross hair and stinky sandals; he's now my boyfriend. so life is all of a sudden better and more exciting and interesting, but also more complicated... maybe the states will now have to be added to the little list of countries jostling for space in my heart and head. sometimes i hate the world for being so big! but i also love it for the same reason.

now i'm in sweden, living in my brother marcus' flat in goteborg, also visiting grandparents and relatives, friends, more cycling.
another new thing in my life;
after various exchanges of money to obtain an old miyata racing bike, and spokes, hub, rim, cog, chain, tires etc etc, alot of help and patience from marcus and anders (at veloform, warmly recommended bike shop in goteborg,, i am now the proud owner of a fixy!
i've got alot to learn as far as skidding, trackstands, and even getting my feet into the pedalclips goes, but i'm enjoying it alot! i'll have to take a picture and post it up for you all.