Tuesday, 24 April 2007

today, and pictures from before today

building the kiln in istalif
the cook had a little canary, it sang so much
in a tea/liver-kebab shop in the old city...
there were dodgy things in big basins... but the tea and company were good.
there is a street called bird street in the old city, full of birds cages and men, and it made me so sad to see this big beautiful owl with the most amazing eyes in the world, feathers falling off his wings, kept in a small, dirty, cloth-covered cage... the man who kept him was also owl-like ` somehow
our Istalif-style kiln here in kabul
inside one of the houses tmf are restoring in Murad Khani
the graffiti is cool here!

today was an up and down day as usual. i don't understand how that happens.
got up and got the kiln on the go at 6, and then our new teacher from Mazar held his first class, i joined in and felt like one of the potters, i sometimes forget i'm a woman from (...who knows where) cuae i feel so comfortable with them, i'll miss them all alot alot. anyways, then it was a lovley friend and colleague's last day at work so we all stood in the grass for speaches, biscuits and hot milk (i opted out of the latter two; not very vegan)... it's sad to see her go. but i'm happy for her as well cuase it'l be better for her. she'll be doing amazing stuff helping out deaf children and at the state-run orphanage where the children really don't have it easy...
then pottered about a bit =), had a lunch of rice (with raisins and carrots, mhhmm) and the joke was that one of the potters who is a Qori (ie knows the whole Quran off by heart) said there wasn't any food in Afghanistan that he didn't like, and the Ustad said, he he so you also like wine! and he thought that was pretty funny. our lunchtime conversations go from anything to womens rights, to the trouble-years, to why o why i don't eat meat-eggs-milk, food in general, potterystuff, to politics and corruption, and just about everything inbetween. if only i knew better dari!
the bi-weekly school meeting went on, as usual, longer than expected, and then i was happy when i came out to hear that the new kickwheels for the resource centre in Istalif have been completed, and they're excellent, much better than the ones we've got here that we had made in the beginning. We managed to convince the guy who made them to fix our old ones without getting paid, which is pretty amazing. People here are so generous...
Then i had my harmonium lesson, and huy huy i should know more by now, but its really fun. i'll have to for sure keep practicing when i get back to scotland.
then this whole big crew of important people from the british embassy were coming, which meant a whole yard full of armoured cars and armoured guards and people in suits. i felt lucky to have a previous crucial appointment: dinner with molly and shaheen, along with some other people from here. it's so so crazy the amount of restaurants and places there are here... sometimes i can forget where i am in teh world...
well now i'm off to bed. i was meaning to do some work, but here i am writing this instead. we're going early to Istalif tomorrow to finish the kiln we're building there, so i think sleep is the way forward at the minute.

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