Monday, 16 April 2007

alot can happen in a month and a half...or almost two months! time is flying, help!

it's been a long while now since i last wrote... feels like a hundred years!
i got back from Pakistan, (had to fly in a tiny little plane, cuase nobody was happy with me going back overland alone from the Pakistan side, and then it turned out there was a bit of an incident on a stretch of the road i would've been passing through just a few hours later, so it was just as well...)
then about 10 days after, we went off to Mazar-e-Sharif! all the potters, and hassina-jaan, and me, it was great=). i do admit to wishing i'd been a man with darker skin, however! was a little bit limiting to be me, (i.e. couldn't go along to one of the trips, couldn't go to many of hte nao-roz concerts, although we went to a few on new years day which were amazing, music from tajikistan and pakistan, with young boys jumping up to dance -rather provocatively!- in front of the stage). it was a good trip! we saw lots of tiles, found brilliant clay (its such a shame that its so far away from here!), had a general good bonding time, and recruited a new teacher for the ceramics school! He arrived yesterday, and got straight to work.
then, after mazar, the other lot went back to kabul, and i went up to uzbekistan! which is a whole other story that i'll save for later! it was so so great, i really enjoyed it, and got so inspired and met so many brilliant potters and saw so many beautiful buildings and tiles, but also had a lot a lot of trouble at the border which put a bit of a damper on things, but in general it was excellent. and like i said, i'll write about all that another time and put on some photos. i'd love to go back!
i'd love to go everywhere!
then when i got back here it was green! warm! spring! the past few days have even felt a wee bit hot. there's leaves sprouting so fast i feel like if i just stood still and watched them for a minute i'd see them grow=). good news for ceramics. things are drying quickly! we can fire more kilns! work seems to be increasing, my capabilities seem to be decreasing... i don't know why, i just feel tired... in my brain, heart etc. i'll get over it.
there's been alot of deaths as well... it's so sad, three relatives of co-workers have died since i las wrote, two from the same family. makes me think that i want to need to try to appreciate things more.
a really brilliant kate left tmf yesterday, there's a huge gaping hole after her... i really miss her already.
but on the upside, we've got a good addition as well, jenny who is excellent. it's not easy this coming and going, and i've been thinking about my leaving as well, which will be dead hard... and i feel bad about it already... ugh i'll miss all these people so much!
today was a great day, i skived from the office and spent most of the day with the potters down in the school. i don't know how they can be so amazing...
exciting news; we now have the resource centre in istalif rolling onwards, they're building the walls and getting it ready, and the other day the pugmills arrived, whoohoo! and we also bought an old mill to grind everything for us, covered in naswari (tobacco, snuff) from it's last use. and in a couple of weeks we'll get our bricks and all for building the gaskiln in istalif. and then there's all these commissions (we've been asked to make bowls for the presiden! help...) and exhibitions and trying to fit in kiln-firings and literacy classes inbetween everything. but at least i'm not dealing with buildings or huge things like that... would do my head in i think!

now it's been several more days.
the only exciting thing to report is that the potters gave me a little hedgehog!!! they found it on the road to istalif one night. it had long little ears and was so so so cute! but sadly sadly after one night i couldn't find it anymore. i feel a bit sad that it was taken from lovely istalif to dirty grass-less kabul, but i hope it's found itself a nice little spot somewhere here in the fort... it was really cute, i wish i would've taken a picture of it before it disappeared...

and on thursday we are getting eminent guest; my parents are coming over from pakistan, along with an old friend from school. so that will be great=).

ok i'll stop for now.
one of these days i'll write something interesting and meaningfull instead of all of this blabbing...

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