Saturday, 20 January 2007


(the pots are not made by me, i wish they were! the bikes are not mine, i wish they were!) and the lovely dog is called pahlawan, he's not mine either but i help take care of him and the other dog nehru, and they're great! there are loads of cats as well, but they're very independent and i don't see too much of them, except for one called pasha who meows and meows whenever he sees anyone, and is somehow very fat.
on wednesday night and all thursday it snowed alot alot, so that we had to cancel a trip to istalif on thursday, which made me sad, becuase i haven't been there for a hundred years! and today the potters couldn't come to school becuase there's too much snow in istalif. but luckily, the tile-maker who is here to teach us his techniques arrived safely from mazar-e-sharif, so we had a day to get sorted out. it's very good to have him here, and he's great! very keen on only using materials available here, and seems like a lovely man, enthusiastic and willing to teach us. him and ustad azizuddin ran around the bazaar buying things, which gave some time to catch up on other things in the office ~we're planning a trip to uzbekistan and/or turkey! sometimes i wish i had 3 brains becuase i can't seem to keep everything in the one i've got. or else just a more efficient 1 brain would also be good....
in my dari lesson today i read a story about mullah nasirudeen who saw a reflection of the moon in a well when he went to draw water. he became very sad that the moon had gotten stuck in the well, and decided to try to pull it out. a stone fell into his bucket, he toppled over backwards, and when he looked up into the sky there was the moon where it belonged among the stars! he said "it doesn't matter that i got hurt, since i managed to get the moon back into the sky!"
it's beautiful now with lots of white snow and shining sun. still very cold, but i don't mind it so much with the snow.
and i've moved into a new lovely lovely room, neighbour with noah and shoshana which is fun. it's for sure the nicest place i've ever lived! now i can practice harmonium with a little less guilt=).
things are good.
dinner time.

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