Tuesday, 9 January 2007

back in Kabul

iwasn't sure i'd make it back, but after several emails and phone calls, and a trip to oslo, i got my visa! marcus came with me, and it was fun.
then i took an overnight bus to stockholm, and a friend let me in at 6am to sleep for a wee while, which was brilliant! TACK JOSEFIN! then the flights all went fine. when i arrived in kabul, the border control policeman looked at the old visa and stamped in anyways, and i thought all that trouble for nothing!
it's good to be back. but cold! i wear as many layers as i can, which does the trick. i've heard it's the coldest winter for 17 years! the pipes are frozen which means no water, but at least we have a generator for light, and bukharis (sawdust fuel heaters) to keep us warm. in the picture you can see us having a little teaparty in the ceramics school to celebrate... everything (christmas, eid, new years etc etc).
it's a bit difficult to do ceramics though... the ground where the clay is dug from is of course frozen, things take a hundred years to dry, and everything is cold cold cold. the potters mix the clay by stamping it with their feet, so today sultan muhammed had to thaw his feet out by the bukhari afterwards. but everyone is still in amazingly good spirits, we have a good laugh. we're trying to finish our gas kiln, and that will make life easier for us as well, cuase we can dry finished objects in the kiln with a really low flame, and fire more often.
it's good to see jenny again, yesterday i stayed over in her lovely warm little flat and had a warm shower and good coffee for breakfast=). i'm lucky that she's here! or she got me here in the first place.
there's loads of stuff to keep busy with, and tomorrow i'm starting dari and harmonium lessons again as well. i'm a bit rusty, even after 3 weeks. so that's all good.
my knee is a wee bit sore still, and i'm sad about all the cycle trips i missed out on in sweden becuase of it. but i'm lucky to have a physiotherapist-sister. (except for if i don't do the prescribed exercises there's no escape!)
i hope you all are well, and wish that you could come to visit...

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