Wednesday, 3 January 2007

and now i have a blog

hello everyone,
i've thought of doing this for quite a while, now i am finally.

it's the last night in sweden. i'm sitting in marcus's little flat eating peasoup he made and drinking his wine. yum! tomorrow we're off on a trip to oslo to collect my passport and (inshaAllah) a visa for Afghanistan in it.
then from there to stockholm, and from there to istanbul, and from there to dubai, and from there to kabul.
it's all in the air.

it's been a good trip to sweden. i'm still tired. but i'm still happy too. it's been very good to see family & relatives & friends & babies of friends. and it's been amazing to walk around, go wherever i want, spend time in the forest with uncountable trees and hidden animals. unfortunately for me i slipped and hurt my knee, so not so much cycling or running about as i had hoped.
but i'm prepared for kabul with more warm clothes and my computer full of music.
i'll try to keep this blog going from there.

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